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What's New at InfoEd1

  1. Our Website
  2. SPINPlus Tools
  3. New Keywords
  4. Office Hours and Product Support

Take a Look at Our Website

www.infoed.org. Many of the links to product information have been updated, making overall appearance more complete and easier to read. Be sure to check out News and Events, for pertinent information regarding InfoEd. Use the “Access InfoOffice” icon in the top-right hand corner to access our suite of products. We hope that you find our website to informative and pleasurable to browse.

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SPINPlus Tools

Located on both the SPIN and GENIUS-SMARTS main menus, there is a hyperlink to the Quick Reference Guide (under Help). At a glance, this .pdf allows you to grasp the basics on how to perform quick and advanced SPIN searches, create and edit GENIUS profiles, and set up SMARTS matching.

Our SPINPlus Tutorial is also available. This comprehensive, user-friendly tool takes you through the steps of accessing SPINPlus, performing Quick and Advanced searches in SPIN, creating a GENIUS profile, and much more. To access the SPINPlus Tutorial:

  1. Go to http://www.infoed.org.
  2. Click Access Info.Office.
  3. Click SPIN.
  4. Click SPINPlus Tutorial under Help on the SPIN Search main page.

Enhancements to SPINPlus are underway. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding SPIN, GENIUS, and SMARTS in the coming months.

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System Administration Enhancements

We have also minimized the steps involved in accessing SPIN, SMARTS, and GENIUS.

To access SPINPlus:

  1. Intranet Users: From your browser, go to your institution's website to access SPINPlus. Internet Users: From your browser, go to http://www.infoed.org to access SPINPlus.
  2. Click Access InfoOffice.
  3. Click SPIN or GENIUS to access the appropriate module.

If you have bookmarks to SPINPlus, you will need to change your bookmarks to http://www.infoed.org/home/officemenu.asp.

We have revised all of our Getting Started Guides to reflect the new screens. You will receive new copies via email. We will also offer phone training to anyone who would like to get familiar with the new System Administration screens. If you are interested in a walkthrough, please contact us at 800-727-6427 or via email at lfarrell@infoed.org.

If you don't currently subscribe to our web systems, please send an e-mail message to Bill DeCocco (wdecocco@infoed.org) with your IP address and he can set you up for a FREE 30-Day trial.

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New Keywords

Click this link -- New Keywords -- for a comprehensive list of keywords recently added to the SPIN Keyword Thesaurus.

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Office Hours and Product Support

OFFICE HOURS: 8am - 5pm (eastern time), Monday - Friday

ON-LINE NETWORK HOURS: 24 hours/7 days a week (with down time as needed for system maintenance and for daily updating of SPIN)

CUSTOMER SERVICE: (800) 727-6427

TELEPHONE: (518) 464-0691

FAX: (518) 464-0695


URL: http://www.infoed.org

FOR PRODUCT SUPPORT: office@infoed.org

All hardware shipments and mail should be sent to:

InfoEd International
1873 Western Avenue
Suite 201
Albany, NY 12203
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